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    Matted Pet Philosophy and Procedure

  • Matted Pet Philosophy

    If your pet does not receive a puppy cut at regular 4–6 week intervals, and you do not properly brush your pet on a regular and consistent basis, chances are high that your pet has matting in the coat. Sometimes coats don’t look or feel matted at first glance, but they can be matted in the undercoat, close to the skin, where you can’t see them.

    Matting on pets is considered a health crisis because it restricts blood flow to the skin and hinders the health of the skin and coat. Fleas, ticks, and other parasites may also be lurking in a pet’s matted coat causing further skin infections.

    Most pets will not tolerate the pulling on their skin from brushing out matting for more than 10 minutes. Often, this causes the pet to behave in a fear aggressive manner towards future groomers and can make future grooms very difficult and stressful for both the pet and groomer.

    As a group, we do not want to further magnify your pet’s fears and we feel that a shavedown is the kindest thing you can do for your pet as it reduces stress and pain.

    Please know we do not make this choice lightly, or because it is a faster alternative to de-matting. It’s actually quite the opposite as shaving down a matted pet requires extra time and patience.

  • Matted Pet Procedure

    Aussie Pet Mobile Chicago Western Suburbs will firmly adhere to the following regarding matting on your pet:

    • Our groomers will recommend a total shavedown if:
      1. The matting is a 4+ on a scale of 1 to 10
      2. The matting cannot be brushed out within 10 minutes
      3. Your pet reacts negatively to the attempt at de‐matting via brushing
    • If your pet cannot tolerate brushing out mats on the body, your pet will not tolerate de‐matting of the face. Statements by our groomers that they will try to do what they can, or they will try to save the face, tail and ears are not solid promises.
    • Our groomer reserves the right to stop the de-matting attempt and recommend a shavedown. If our groomer recommends a shavedown and you do not agree to the procedure, the groomer will decline the groom and you will be charged for the 15 Step Spa groom plus any additional services performed.
    • Matting that is close to the skin creates risk, will require extra time to work through the matts, and often dulls our tools. Therefore, if the matting is severe, as in a 6+ on a scale of 1 to 10, the groomer may assess a heavy de-matting fee of $5-$30 in addition to the shavedown and the 15 Step Spa Groom.
    • If you are not the only pet parent in the house, your agreement to a shavedown is considered permission on behalf of other family members.
    • Aussie Pet Mobile Chicago Western Suburbs will not refund groom fees if you or the other family members are unhappy with the appearance of your pet after a shavedown.
    • We recognize that your pet will look noticeably different after a shavedown, and we empathize with the visual shock. Shavedowns are done to start a healthy return of the coat and skin, and they are not intended to be attractive. The appearance is not permanent—your pet’s skin will return in a healthier state, and the hair will grow back in a few weeks.
    • Shaving a matted pet may expose health conditions that you did not see under the coat such as scabs, poor skin health, open sores and/or parasites.
    • Matting prevents the groomer from seeing skin tags and these can be nicked during the shave.
    • Shavedowns can cause post‐groom irritations, especially in sensitive areas. It is important to keep your pet from licking, chewing, rubbing or scratching after grooming so tender spots are not further irritated.
    • Aussie Pet Mobile Chicago Western Suburbs is not responsible for medical fees associated with the post groom effects of shaving a matted pet.
    • Please read our Shavedown Fact Sheet so you are aware of possible reactions that your pet may have after being shaved down due to severe matting.

    Please be sure to reach out to our dispatchers if you need any further clarification on the above and be sure to ask your  groomer questions prior to agreeing to a shavedown.

    By making an appointment you agree to abide by our Matted Pet Procedure, and attest that you have thoroughly read through and understand the details explained on the Shavedown Fact Sheet.

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